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CEO, Certified Spanish Teacher

Certified Spanish Teacher

A1 Lessons

Start your Spanish journey learning the vocabulary, grammar and expressions that will allow you to ask for and answer basic information. You will be able to talk about personal aspects, quantities, weather, routines and other vital topics for the daily life.

A2 Lessons

Continue your Spanish trip getting deeper into the past events and describing them in more detail. You’ll also be able to give orders and speak about different fields more freely as you increase all your vocabulary and start expressing your thoughts in a clear way.

B1 Lessons

In this part of your Spanish journey you’ll feel more self-reliant. You’ll talk about the past more precisely handling all past tenses. Your daily vocabulary to give opinions and express desires will grow, especially as you start using the subjunctive tense.

B2 Lessons

Overcome the highest obstacle in your Spanish journey mustering up all subjunctive tenses in a practical way. Wish, counsel, express your feelings and give your opinion with no limits. At this level you will conquer the grammar’s top and feel confident speaking the language in all settings.

C1 Lessons

Having passed the steepest grammar obstacles in your Spanish Journey, now you’ll move forward to a new field in which you’ll learn idioms, expressions and specific vocabulary. Those will help you not only to have deep conversations, but to sound like a native speaker.

C2 Lessons

Finish your Spanish journey perfecting all aspects of language. You’ll converse about anything with anyone. You’ll get to master your words… but also your tone, your appropriate use of expressions, your gestures and even your humor in such a way that people will assume you were born in Spain. Indeed you will have reached your destination.

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“If you’re thinking about starting Spanish classes with Daniel, honestly, think no more – sign up. Daniel is among the most amazing teachers I’ve ever had in my life. He’s attentive, savvy, beyond professional, and has the ability to share knowledge in such a digestible way that having classes with him is just a pure pleasure. I used to study Spanish on my own, haphazardly, for quite a while, and although my listening apprehension was quite fine I had taught myself many grammar concepts completely wrong. Daniel managed to map these issues so fast that I’m still surprised, and provided me with a comprehensive learning structure. Lessons with him are also super fun and challenging! Now, after having been able to use Spanish while traveling I’ve noticed huge progress, and I’m looking forward to speaking more fluently in the future. I highly recommend him as a teacher.” 

— Marta, Poland

“Very pleasant and professional teacher with a lot of patience and knows how to keep his lessons interesting and properly structured. Definitely recommend.”

— Angelina, Australia

“Daniel is a fantastic teacher. His classes are very structured, precise and also interesting. I love his vocabulary tests and the work we do with grammar. Thanks Daniel!”

— Sara, England

“Daniel is a really professional teacher. He is always well-prepared for every lesson as he prepares some gramma materials, exercises etc. He is very patient and friendly. For me the most valuable thing is that he helps a lot with a correct way of pronouncing Spanish words, with proper accent. He’s also very flexible and concentrates on what the student needs to learn at the given moment. Speaking English is another big advantage.”

— Aga, Poland

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